Wednesday, March 22, 2017

While going through a huge carton of old wrestling magazines, I came across a January 1975 edition of "KEY TO TORONTO". It is a magazine catering to visitors to Metro Toronto. An article titled, Love & Hisses by Clive Hobson is about the wrestling scene at Maple Leaf Gardens.
In the two page article, the first page shows a 'cut out' of six different wrestlers.  
While all did appear in the square ring at the famous Maple Leaf Gardens, it appears that Tony Parisi (wrestler #6 at the bottom) seems to have The Fabulous Moolah with her knee on his neck, and wrestler #4 with his foot in an awkward position on Parisi.   Just my thought, but did Clive Hobson not like Tony Parisi?  
Wrestlers from the top down, #1 Hartford Love. Wonder where Reginald was.  #2 Killer Kowalski, one of the original best.  #3  Tiger Jeet Singh, a great wrestler who has a public school named after him here in the GTA.  #4  A young looking Dick The Bulldog Brower.  #5  The best woman wrestler of all times, The Fabulous Moolah.  She knew her craft and inspired countless of others to follow her footsteps.  #6  Tony Parisi,  I guess under rated but brought in lots of fans to Maple Leaf Gardens and of course to Dave McKigney's shows as well.  
Not a bad write up of the wrestling scene at the Gardens in January of 1975.


  1. thats a young Bulldog Brower pictured there , cool article

  2. You are right! Thank you for the info.