Monday, October 29, 2018

Great photos from Dave McKigney. 
These photos were not taken by me.  Credit to SLAM pro wrestling.

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Here are a couple of photos of The Sheik.

Quite the road map on his forehead. 

The bloody Sheik.  Awesome.

Thank you to a wonderful friend of my blog,who emailed me and said another person was using some of my photos who used them to post photos to different wrestling sites.  I appreciate his concern and I hope that everyone that shares my photos to please give me credit.  I came across some great photos of Dave and I will give credit to Roger Baker who took these photos.

Great photos.  

So I would appreciate anyone using someones photos to please recognize the owner of the photography.  

Dave's Friendship

The Sheik of course was my favourite wrestler, although I did meet many others.  Being "let in" by Dave, he and his wrestlers knew I would never step over the boundaries.  I never accosted them, they knew I would never compromise their wrestling identity and their personal lives.  Over the years, I guess from early 1972 myself and Glenn traveled many a mile to see and witness Dave's greatest shows here in Ontario, Canada. We met countless of wrestlers and enjoyed a short but fine friendship.   In 1978, a friend and I drove to Detroit to watch a wrestling show at the famed Cobo Hall.   Dave was on the show as well as Eric the Red.  Dave asked if he and Eric could get a ride back.  Of course I couldn't say no.  Before we crossed the border, Dave asked to stop off at a convenience store where they sold booze.  They picked up some beer, threw into the trunk and we crossed the border.  We made several stops along the 401 for them to take a pee.  We ended up at the Hamilton Bus Depot around 3 or 4 in the morning.  Eric took the bus home to Grimsby from there.  We continued on and dropped Dave off at a hotel near the airport in Toronto, where he parked his green Lincoln Town car.  Dave left his jacket in my car and about a week later I saw him coming out of a side street on Bathurst Street around 1 or 2 in the morning.  I quickly pulled up beside him and waved him over.  We both stopped, had a chat and we continued on our way.  

Here is The Sheik with Dave entering the ring.  
A few adverts in the paper of Dave's shows. 

Friday, June 9, 2017

Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat takes on Randy "Macho Man" Savage with Miss Elizabeth at Maple Leaf Gardens.
 Savage pushing Miss Elizabeth towards Steamboat. 
 Lots of blood flowed afterwards.
 Savage at the mercy of Steamboat.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

You might think once you are retired, there is nothing to do but there are plenty of things.  Sorting out over 20+ years of photos, magazines, films (yea 8mm and Super 8 that I haven't even started on) does take its toll.  I scanned most of my wrestling magazines, still a bunch to do, and hopefully looking for someone to purchase all the magazines eventually.  I have a partial list so if anyone is interested please let me know and I can send you the list.  

Also I guess it is poster time.  Here are some of my posters that I collected over the years.  

In Cobourg, Ontario on Thursday June 17, 1971.
 In Newmarket, Ontario on Saturday July 17, 1971.
Up in Midland, Ontario on Monday August 02, 1971.
In the Midland Armoury on Sunday May 07, 1972.
Back in Newmarket, Ontario on Saturday May 20, 1972. That was a hot and exiting show.  Former Hamilton Ti-Cat player Angelo Mosca fighting Eric the Red a Grimsby local.   Dave McKigney participating, along with Rachel DuBois, and favourite Newmarket wrestler Ron Doner.  
The card in Newmarket was so great, it repeated many times.  On Tuesday June 06, 1972 the action arrived at the Midland Arena.  
Up at the Sharon Arena, just east of  Keswick, Ontario the posters had some of the wrestlers covered up and also a different date.  Tuesday July 18, 1972 the matches went ahead at the arena.  
Going back to Saturday July 29, 1971 at the Newmarket Arena saw the midgets, The Beast and Eric the Red.  Rachel Dubois in a tag team match which pretty well filled the house.  Local Ron Doner also appeared. 
 Monday July 31, 1972 at the Midland Arena in Midland, Ontario. Carlos Rocha, Tony Parisi, The Love Brothers, Dewey Robertson, Ivan Kamikoff and others.  Weren't all these guys at Maple Leaf Gardens a few months or years later?   Carlos Rocha had  numerous fights against The Sheik at MLG.  McKigney did his best and wow did he do a great job. All these stars went on to Tunney's promotion. 
Monday August 14, 1972 in Midland again Dave brings out all the stars.  No wonder Jack Tunney would work with Dave but in the long run Dave's shows were true and dedicated.  WWF I think ruined Jack Tunney.  Commercialism, drives the interest way down. 
Saturday August 19, 1972.  Dave McKigney's wrestlers showed up in all their glory at the Bradford Arena in Bradford, Ontario. Most appeared recently at MLG and CHCH wrestling television programme from the Hamilton Forum had everyone interested.
On Tuesday August 22, 1972 a show in Sharon, Ontario had the audience in awe. 




Sunday, March 26, 2017

Saw this photo of The Sheik in the Japanese GONG Magazine from 1993.