Wednesday, March 22, 2017

The Big Book of Wrestling's October 1973 edition had a photo of Willie Farkus on the cover but no mention of him in the article.  There was a mention of Farmer Pete teaming up with Cowboy Lang, defeating Billy the Kid and Little Tokyo.  Cowboy Lang and Billy the Kid were on Dave's shows numerous times.  
What I did find interesting in this edition, there was an article from a match at Olympia Stadium.  Terrible Teddy the Wrestling Bear taking on Bobby Hennan and Baron Von Raschke.  
Anyone there to see who held the rope attached to Terrible Teddy?  Interesting. 
While going through a huge carton of old wrestling magazines, I came across a January 1975 edition of "KEY TO TORONTO". It is a magazine catering to visitors to Metro Toronto. An article titled, Love & Hisses by Clive Hobson is about the wrestling scene at Maple Leaf Gardens.
In the two page article, the first page shows a 'cut out' of six different wrestlers.  
While all did appear in the square ring at the famous Maple Leaf Gardens, it appears that Tony Parisi (wrestler #6 at the bottom) seems to have The Fabulous Moolah with her knee on his neck, and wrestler #4 with his foot in an awkward position on Parisi.   Just my thought, but did Clive Hobson not like Tony Parisi?  
Wrestlers from the top down, #1 Hartford Love. Wonder where Reginald was.  #2 Killer Kowalski, one of the original best.  #3  Tiger Jeet Singh, a great wrestler who has a public school named after him here in the GTA.  #4  I believe it is Carlos Rocha but not sure.  Anyone know for sure?  #5  The best woman wrestler of all times, The Fabulous Moolah.  She knew her craft and inspired countless of others to follow her footsteps.  #6  Tony Parisi,  I guess under rated but brought in lots of fans to Maple Leaf Gardens and of course to Dave McKigney's shows as well.  
Not a bad write up of the wrestling scene at the Gardens in January of 1975.

Monday, March 20, 2017

There are many more photos of Big Bear Wrestling to come.  Going through over 15 years of attending Dave's ultimate wrestling shows and the years sitting at Maple Leaf Gardens it is a chore.  But a chore I love.  I can't believe some of the photos and wrestlers I have met and talked with on a daily basis.  
I came across this article about Don Leo Jonathon.
He was one of the first wrestlers I got to know while watching wrestling on television.  The show was based out of Vancouver and showing wrestling matches weekly.  I believe Ron Morrier was the announcer and the matches were wonderful.  Along with Don Leo, there was regulars Gene Kiniski "Canada's Greatest Athlete", John Quinn and Bulldog Bog Brown.  
Don Leo Jonathan was born in Hurricane, Utah on April 29, 1931.  He currently resides in Langley, British Columbia.  He retired in 1980 after 31 years in the ring.   He was nicknamed "The Mormon Giant".    
This is not my photo.  
Keystone Wrestling Photos  
Here is the article about Don Leo Jonathan.
The RING WRESTLING magazine for the month of March 1976 published 41 years ago, had some great articles.  
Their Official World Ratings had Bruno Sammartino #1.  The Sheik was ranked at #16.  The Fabulous Moolah #1 as the women champion. Tag Team #1 was The BlackJacks.  Angelo and Lanny Poffo who appeared at a few of Dave McKigney's shows were ranked #16.  
There also was a wonderful article written by George Napolitano about The Love Brothers.  They appeared at numerous shows brought to you by Dave.

Oh yes, I forgot to mention on page 50 there is a small mention of Glenn and I.  Sorry I couldn't resist.  


Sunday, March 19, 2017

WAR OF THE WORLDS from Tokyo and New York via TV
Friday June 25, 1976   There was quite the show at the Cobo Arena with live wrestling along with a TV feed of Muhammad Ali VS Antonio Inoki direct from Budokan Arena in Tokyo, Japan.  
Also a TV feed of Chuck Wepner VS Andre the Giant direct from Shea Stadium in Flushing, New York.
The programme at the Cobo Arena, included The Sheik, Dominic Denucci, Don Kent, Randy Poffo, George Steele, Hank James and Swede Hanson.  
Unfortunately, I am unable to confirm the wrestlers at the Cobo but it does sound like a great card.  Is Swede Hanson Eric the Red?
Ali was guaranteed $6,100,000.00   Inoki was given the entire live gate in Japan and $2,000,000.00 from world wide television income which came to about $4,000,000.00.   
With the relationship between the United States and Japan being a bit grim in the 1970s, this match got the world excited.
However, the match was not that exciting but a comedy show.  The audience in the Budokan Arena threw garbage into the ring after the match ended up as 'draw'.   Ali and Inoki ended up becoming friends for years after this spectacular disappointment. 
The match with Chuck Wepner against Andre the Giant was a bit different to some degree.  
Andre being so popular, Vince McMahon certainly didn't vision Andre losing and facing loss of popularity.  Wepner lost by a count out after Andre threw him out of the ring in Round 3.

Thanks to Getty Photos of the matches. 


Friday, March 17, 2017

Have some new photos from a match with Dave and Willie going against Billy Red Lyons and Dewey Robertson.  
Dave and Willie don't look too concerned.
A near full house boos and jeers The Wildman and the Wolfman.
Referee Wilf Jennings as always, keeps order in the ring.

 The Wolfman paces the ring looking for his prey.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Lots of new photos coming, along with dates and details.  I recently came across a bunch of envelopes that contained photos I took but were  on contact sheets.  I'm looking for a place now that will develop the negatives. 
Here are a few new photos that I came across. 
I think this is at one of Dave's shows.  
Ernie Roth and The Sheik at Maple Leaf Gardens.
Stan Stasiak, North American Champion at Dave's show.
The Sheik.
The United State Champion.
Tony Parisi?   
Women wrestlers 
Anyone know this guy?  I met him at the Hamilton Forum on a wrestling show.