Monday, March 20, 2017

There are many more photos of Big Bear Wrestling to come.  Going through over 15 years of attending Dave's ultimate wrestling shows and the years sitting at Maple Leaf Gardens it is a chore.  But a chore I love.  I can't believe some of the photos and wrestlers I have met and talked with on a daily basis.  
I came across this article about Don Leo Jonathon.
He was one of the first wrestlers I got to know while watching wrestling on television.  The show was based out of Vancouver and showing wrestling matches weekly.  I believe Ron Morrier was the announcer and the matches were wonderful.  Along with Don Leo, there was regulars Gene Kiniski "Canada's Greatest Athlete", John Quinn and Bulldog Bog Brown.  
Don Leo Jonathan was born in Hurricane, Utah on April 29, 1931.  He currently resides in Langley, British Columbia.  He retired in 1980 after 31 years in the ring.   He was nicknamed "The Mormon Giant".    
This is not my photo.  
Keystone Wrestling Photos  
Here is the article about Don Leo Jonathan.

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