Friday, March 24, 2017

When I was a young kid, my father always watched wrestling on the television and I hated it.  It had a profound affect on me as I did not like violence at all.  Then one Saturday afternoon a school mate dropped by, he sat on the couch and watched the wrestling with my dad and I.  
For some strange reason, I started liking it.  This was in 1971 and I got totally hooked.  I started to take the subway down to Carlton Street and walked over to Maple Leaf Gardens.  Wow it was awesome.  I sat way up in the blues and my voice was horse after every show.  
Looking through Wrestling Monthly from March 1973, I saw an article about The Beast.  
It was actually Dave McKigney.  At the end of the article, it mentions that "Frequently, he teams with his good friend, Farkas, the Wolfman, and the consequences are doubly frightening for everybody."  
Glenn and I started going to Dave's shows in Southern Ontario around '74 or so.  I think we racked up over 30,000 miles in one year in travel. But it certainly was worth it. 
Dave was a friend, as were all his personnel guys who set up the ring, Conrad Gargus being referee at times, Joyce Farhat at the ticket booth, Wilf Jennings and his wife,  it was an ultimate experience.  

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