Sunday, March 19, 2017

WAR OF THE WORLDS from Tokyo and New York via TV
Friday June 25, 1976   There was quite the show at the Cobo Arena with live wrestling along with a TV feed of Muhammad Ali VS Antonio Inoki direct from Budokan Arena in Tokyo, Japan.  
Also a TV feed of Chuck Wepner VS Andre the Giant direct from Shea Stadium in Flushing, New York.
The programme at the Cobo Arena, included The Sheik, Dominic Denucci, Don Kent, Randy Poffo, George Steele, Hank James and Swede Hanson.  
Unfortunately, I am unable to confirm the wrestlers at the Cobo but it does sound like a great card.  Is Swede Hanson Eric the Red?
Ali was guaranteed $6,100,000.00   Inoki was given the entire live gate in Japan and $2,000,000.00 from world wide television income which came to about $4,000,000.00.   
With the relationship between the United States and Japan being a bit grim in the 1970s, this match got the world excited.
However, the match was not that exciting but a comedy show.  The audience in the Budokan Arena threw garbage into the ring after the match ended up as 'draw'.   Ali and Inoki ended up becoming friends for years after this spectacular disappointment. 
The match with Chuck Wepner against Andre the Giant was a bit different to some degree.  
Andre being so popular, Vince McMahon certainly didn't vision Andre losing and facing loss of popularity.  Wepner lost by a count out after Andre threw him out of the ring in Round 3.

Thanks to Getty Photos of the matches. 


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