Thursday, March 9, 2017

Lots of new photos coming, along with dates and details.  I recently came across a bunch of envelopes that contained photos I took but were  on contact sheets.  I'm looking for a place now that will develop the negatives. 
Here are a few new photos that I came across. 
I think this is at one of Dave's shows.  
Ernie Roth and The Sheik at Maple Leaf Gardens.
Stan Stasiak, North American Champion at Dave's show.
The Sheik.
The United State Champion.
Tony Parisi?   
Women wrestlers 
Anyone know this guy?  I met him at the Hamilton Forum on a wrestling show.   



  1. thanks for continuing to post photos ,love them , did you used to send photos to the Canadian Wrestling newspaper/mag around 72 /73 I have a couple issues , some ads for photos to biu also -may be you , just wondering, tks AC

  2. Hello, Glenn and I did write our own magazine, Canadian Wrestling Revue. I may have sent photos to other wrestling magazines as well. Please send me some photos if you have them of those magazines/newspapers. I will let you know if they are mine. Thank you.

  3. I have several of your CWR love those, I put up pics of the Canadian Wrestling papers at my blog